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Flight of the Watchers

A new piece for the Aether series.

The Manta Ray is an AI controled Guardian class dreadnought also called the Watcher by many races and is the largest known vessel in the galaxy.

It was created by an ancient precursor race millennia ago as a survey vessel to explore the unmapped regions of the galaxy and make contact with any intelligent races it may find along the way.
It made contact with humanity in 2358 after it was spotted passing the Eeris research base located on Saturns rings.

Dimitrije miljus g scene 4 new scene

Flight of the Watchers

Dimitrije miljus sheet

A little sheet of the different renders and quick sketches i did along the way

Dimitrije miljus g scene 4 new temples

Temple render

Dimitrije miljus g scene 4 new

Ship render